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Body Waxing
Waxing is basically removing hair from the root. When hair is removed from the root, it will take some time for them to grow again. But the growing cycle of hair will be different from person to person. Almost any area of the body can be waxed. You can wax your face, bikini regions, legs, hands, back and also your feet.

Bikini waxing Brazilian waxing is a type of waxing your bikini region.

This is simply removing hair from the pubic region. For the purpose they use special and a different type of wax. Visible pubic hair is considered a huge embarrassment nowadays. Therefore lots of people especially women use bikini wax. There are different styles of bikini waxing

Bikini line touch up waxing
This is one of the basic bikini waxing methods. This is simply removing the hair out of the panty line. Hair around top thighs and hair above your knickers are removed in this type of waxing.

Full bikini waxing

This type of waxing is very popular among women. This is waxing your pubic hair outside your bikini region.
  The love heart
This is waxing your pubic is like a heart. Some best saloons offer this kind of services to its customers. But some complicated shapes are not recommended by most of the therapists and doctors. This is mostly done by women to increase their romance level.

T he Hollywood The

Hollywood waxing is very similar to Brazilian waxing. This is waxing leaving no pubic hair. This is also known as full wax.

American waxing

This is waxing of pubic hair which is only exposed by a swimsuit. The amount of waxing will be different according to the type of bikini. This is also known as basic waxing. A normal American style waxing job consumes about 20 to 30 minutes. American waxing is also known as triangle waxing or bikini line waxing.

French waxing

This is a kind of a partial Brazilian wax. Here almost all the hair in the pubic region is removed. Hair around the anus is also removed by French waxing. This is also known as the line strip waxing. Strip wax or are wax is used for French waxing.

Brazilian waxing

Brazilian waxing removes all the pubic hair from the pelvic area. This is one of the people who prefer to wear thong bikinis. Brazilian wax is also called as full bikini wax or full Brazilian wax. This was found by seven sisters named Padiha in 1987. During that time they had the best salon in Manhattan. Unlike American or French waxing, Brazilian waxing is the little bit painful. There will be pain during and as well as after waxing. Therefore you should think twice before you use it. Furthermore, if you are planning to a Brazilian wax you should find a good and a responsible place.

Hand and leg waxing

Hand and leg waxing can be done at your home. But you must knee the correct procedure and the correct steps. One of the common methods of removing pubic hair is shaving. This method is best for shaving or removing your hair from legs, arms, and underarms. You should be careful when you do this. Razor cuts may occur during the process. In order to avoid razor cuts and nicks, you can use depilatory cream. This creams will help to remove hair from its root without damaging the skin. The cream is best for legs, hands, underarms, and abdomen or the bikini region. People who have very sensitive skin should not use this method. Because it can harm your skin. Those people can make use of wax or laser hair removal methods.

 Melted wax can be applied to stripes and from that strips, you can remove the hair. After applying the wax leave it out for some time and the hair will be removed. This is the better use for upper lips eyebrows and bikini area. This method is one of the best ways to remove hair from the body. Another way of removing hair is by sugaring. This is a method used in Middle Eastern countries. This is made out of sugar, lemon juice, and water. This is less painful than waxing. You can wax any area using this method. In order to prevent the ill effects of this, you should make the recipe accurate. Another way of removing hair is by threading. This method is best for removing hairs in small areas like the eyebrows a facial hair. Laser hair removal technique s also a popular method of removing hair.
Laser hair removal techniques can be used anywhere to remove hair. You must use a proper dermatologist when using laser hair removal. Because this is a job that should be done by a trained professional. This is a much faster way of removing hair. This is hundred percent effective method. Vaniqa is a cream that is used for hair removal. This cream is only used to apply to the face. As you can see there are lots of methods to remove hair from your body. The techniques that should be used by people differ from person to person. You should select the technique of waxing by considering the tone of your skin. And also you must follow the correct steps when using wax. If not your skin will be damaged. It is always advisable to seek professional help when using wax.

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How Bamboo Spa’s New Microblading Service Can Benefit You

Of all the beauty trends to emerge in recent years, microblading is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. It’s no wonder since this safe and effective technique has helped countless women restore their sparsely-populated eyebrows to their former glory. Bamboo Spa in Springfield, Pennsylvania is proud to now offer this restorative service with a certified and experienced microblading technician who can breathe new life into barely-there brows for a revitalized look.

Why should you come in for microblading? If you’re unhappy with the way your eyebrows look, microblading can truly benefit you in many ways.

Your eyebrows stay put

Are you always afraid of the pool erasing your eyebrows? Or perhaps sweating while you run and wiping away a brow in the middle of your exercise? With microblading, you don’t need to worry if your eyebrows have smeared away during the day.  

You stop wasting time

If you spend most of your makeup routine each day filling in or drawing on your eyebrows, microblading is a great solution. You won’t have to waste time each day trying to get them just right. Microblading usually lasts between one and three years so you won’t have to worry about drawing on your eyebrows daily.

No more uneven brows

Do you have trouble getting your brows to look even? With microblading at Bamboo Spa, your experienced technician will work with you to create a shape and style of brow that you’ll love so that they both match each other and accentuate your eyes as they should.

It looks natural

Penciled-in brows look fake and overdrawn. When you get microblading done at Bamboo Spa, you can be sure your eyebrows will look their most natural because the process mimics the look of actual eyebrow hairs, creating a fuller appearance.

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